Safe and Gentle Handling for all types of food products: Robin Engineering is now offering the Humbert & Pol range of bucket elevators to the UK market. This range has been developed to handle gently all types of flake and granular product, especially pet foods without causing degradation.

Soft Landing for fragile Products: A new system to reduce damage in transit for fragile products has been developed by Humbert & Pol is now being marketed in the UK by Robin Engineering. June 2005.

Sweet success for Robin in Guyana: Robin Engineering are now supplying a number of screens to process sugar to the Guyana Sugar corporation. October 2005.

Spiralling success for new development: A newly developed spiral package elevator capable of lifting or lowering packages, cartons or sacks over heights of up to ten meters is now available from Robin Engineering Services. December 2005.

Caribbean Success not only for Pirates: Robin Engineering Services have recently been awarded a contract to supply an integrated handling system to move granulated Demerara sugar from bulk storage to bagging stations. July 2006.